What's New

We are looking forward to our Welcome Back to the Northampton Home and Garden Club on Thursday September 10th at the Northampton Clubhouse. This should be a very informative and exciting meeting, as we welcome back our current members, welcome new members to our Club, and learn about what the 2015-2016 has in store for us as NHGC Members.
The first meeting is always full of club information, news about the
neighborhood and good food. So many new things are happening around us, including new schools, new highways and new shopping.
It looks like we will have another busy year of exciting and informative
programs that range from fun and games to home gardens to travel. 

This past year, the Club voted to discontinue our sponsorship of the Spirit of the Marketplace fundraiser. Instead, we will be doing several service projects to benefit the community along with our smaller fundraisers such as the Valentine's fudge sale and Christmas Raffle.

The Northampton Home and Garden Club is always open to new members from Northampton and Auburn Lakes. If you have any questions about our club, goals or meetings, please contact us.
Hope to see you at the next meeting!

Lynda Burton - President