About Us

The Northampton Home and  Garden Club was established in 1969 for the
beautification of our neighborhood. The original club was limited to 30 members
and many Northampton women found themselves on a waiting list.  This enthusiastic interest in gardening and socializing led to the formation of another garden club, The Northampton Pines Garden Club, in the early 1970's.

For many years Northampton's beautiful esplanades were cared for by members
of our club.  This included lawn care as well as planting the day lilies that
still bloom in Northampton today.

Our club has changed with the times and now includes more than just gardening. 
We offer many informative programs that encompass all interests. The Northampton
Home and Garden Club is a non-profit organization open to all women in
Northampton and Auburn Lakes.

A Member's Responsibilities

A member should take her turn serving as hostess or co-hostess for a meeting.

Hostess: A hostess provides drinks,
paper products and light snacks for the meeting.

Co-Hostess: shares the responsibility of providing the refreshments
for a meeting with the other co-hostesses.

A member should be willing to volunteer her time to work on a committee,
work on a project, donate a door prize, or serve as a club officer.

President: Maggie Smith
 Vice Presidents of Programs: Chris Buchner, Patti Marshall, Jane Scholwinski
Vice President of Communications: Cathleen Otto
Secretary: Sue Kachnovitz
Treasurer: D'Ardi Lang
Parliamentarian: Lynda Burton

Dues are $20.00 paid yearly.
Guest are always welcome!