September 10
Welcome Back to the Northampton Home and Garden Club Brunch
Location:  Northampton Clubhouse
Co-Hostesses: Cathy Otto, Sue Kachnovitz, Becky Lofton
Door Prize: Becky Lofton

October 8
Game Day
Location: Home of Lisa Korkmas
Co-Hostesses: Oya Inanc,Sonya Homan, Jeanne Johnstone, Laura Scott and Lisa Korkmas
Door Prize: Sue Kachnovitz

November 20
Road Trip to Montgomery County Jr. League Holiday Market
Meet at Northampton MUD Building  to Carpool @ 8:30 AM

Santa Walk December 6
Location: Progressive Party Starting at 5 PM
Hostesses: TBA

Christmas Luncheon and Charity Auction December 10 
Location:    Willow Creek Clubhouse @ 9:30 AM            
Hostesses:  Elaine Mechler, Becky Davis, Mignon Johnson, Glynnda Steinford, Maggie Smith

January 14
Planning the Perfect Vacation
Location: Northampton Clubhouse @ 9:30 AM
 Hostesses: Suzanne Thoele, Maggie Smith, Millie Jude
Door Prize: Lynda Burton

February 11
Fudge Packaging and Sale
Location: Northampton Clubhouse @ 9:30 AM
Hostesses: Irene Hickey, Becky Davis
Door Prize: TBA

March 11
River Oaks Country Club Azalea Trail and Home Tour
Road Trip
Meet at Northampton MUD Building @8:30 AM

April 14
Service Project

May 12
End of Year Luncheon and Officer Installation
Location: Wild Stallion Winery
Hostesses: Board and Hospitality Committee
Door Prize: Supplied by club